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Saint Clair

Email marketing lover & newsletter fanatic.

The mastermind (or utterly madwoman) behind Q4 Agency. Over the past two decades, I’ve built 3 profitable companies from scratch, working with everyone from tech giants like Apple and Adobe to your favorite local businesses. I’ve been a one-woman army and a conductor of 40+ member symphonies. Now, I’m managing a portfolio of small businesses, advising brands and currently cooking up a tantalizing new venture.

My brainchild, Q4 Agency, is a trailblazer in the world of email and SMS campaigns – we offer an unlimited subscription for brands aiming for the 7-figure mark. Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday to New Year’s program is a lifesaver, taking the email and SMS workload off your hands and delivering eye-popping revenue growth.

When I’m not shaking up the marketing world, I’m a design enthusiast, a dog lover (proud mom of a 1-year-old German Shepherd), a world traveler, and a tennis devotee (challenge me to a pickleball debate, I dare you).

I love making connections beyond the business world. I’m always on the hunt for new brands, businesses, and friendships.

Ways I can help you

Trusted by leading brands, my real thrill is helping emerging brands and watching them flourish.

Email & SMS experts. We craft & send emails that people love to buy from.

Imagine your promo emails for the holidays are done. Feels good huh?

Coming soon! You won’t want to miss this.

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